Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Embracing the Seasons Chage

These days are just getting hotter and hotter, aren't they? It's' nice to have the warm wheater again, even though there's not much difference between each seasons here in my country- coz I think we have only one season: sizzling! :p

I wore this outfit when I went out last weekend. The Sun hit quite severely on the skin, so instead of going out with sweater like I mostly did last few days, I pulled up a pleated short-skirt with a lil cute dress with a heart shape accent on the bust. I kinda missed the short summer skirts and the adorable feeling its brought (oh, here I am, drama queen!) ;p And yes, there’s more than meets the eye on my outfit. It’s my all time fave 2 in 1: short at the back, skirt at the front. It’s cozy and breezy. I skipped wearing rings and necklaces, so I wore my handmade garlands as belt and added soft plum color socks- which was also really breezy.

Anyway, since my current job requires me to write for social medias, esp for my company's blog and site, I found this extremely useful site that I wanted to share with you guys. Since we are all running a blog, either for ourselves or for others like me, the knowledge of Content Marketing is really- I should repeat once more- really useful!! I read it from IFB and now it's become my obligation to share it on. You know, just in case you missed the article. We're all certainly wants for our blog to expand and reach more visitors also followers, aren't we? IFB also has an article of ways to make it to a higher level of blogging, such as link back our fellow bloggers and also innovate some one-of-a-kind post series. Realy a spoonful food for thought!

I'm still considered as a 'kid' in blogging. Lots of works to do really. Sometime, I thought since most of us makes blogging as a part time side job, we- well, actually I am, sometimes has this lack of consistency and commitment for our blog to expand. Read the link I shared to you, and you'll know what I meant. It's such an eyes opening and sure do makes me even more eager to expand my blog! ;) I've set out some goals for this blog and it'll involving you, my precious readers, with also involving some habits change. But after all, I think we all should embracing the changes in the most tres chic way like changing our closet for the new season, right?

Kei, to round up today's post, I found this lovely blog, Galore, Beneath The Stars of Kendall from Callifornia. Hers is my blogger-crush so far today. You guys should click the link and gets inspired by her style!

cloth Inc. heart cutted dress - june+julia red wedges - woodland faerie garlands worn as belt - stradivarius soft plum socks

Again and all, thanks for each comments for this lil blog of mine. You guys really are the best.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!


  1. love your outfit soo much :D too pretty!

  2. Gash, this outfit is amazing! Such a romantic look for romantic date. These straight lines on skirt(I don't know exactly how to name it)are my favourite. Thanks U for fantastic comment on my new blog, which makes me really happy. Obviously I will follow your blog, If I do not click "follow" earlier. ;)
    See ya.

  3. i love your chest peak outfit!
    so cute <3


  4. Hi! really cute shirt!!
    thanks for comment on my blog!

  5. Never saw a cutout in the shape of a heart, but now i have! And you rock it!



  6. Love your style girl :) thanks so much for following me, I'm def going to do the same. Looking forward to more posts from you!

  7. sooo cute =) Lovely blog! Visit mine http://pleasestrikeapose.blogspot.com/ and if you like it follow me!
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Love, Martina.

  8. I really like the shirt with the heart cut out it gives the outfit a nice romantic feel.

  9. wow! the outfit <3 <3 <3 love it ! xx
    following your great blog back ofcourse ! :) xx why can't i see you on my follower list , huh ?! :/
    Anete xx

  10. what a lovely outfit <3 <3

    cheers :)

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  12. Oh wow! You look so adorable. I love your style. The skirt is so cute and I love the socks are shoes. I'm certainly following!

  13. hi love. thank you for following me, im following back. btw uou have great style and blog .
    wanna exchange a link ?


  14. love your outfit!!


  15. Hi girl, I've been following you for awhile now under LOVE JOICE and I follow you too with my other (new email) thank you xx Joice

  16. Great photos and I like the style, a little bit lolita but not too sexy. Gorgeous!

    Hope you visit my blog too and perhaps we may follow each other?


  17. ohmygosh this outfit is sooooo cute!!!! i love everything about it! :D


  18. nice look , you look fab! love the skirt and shoes. i just followed you, hope you'll check mine :)

  19. Hey gorgeous thanks for follow me, I follow u back... and I love your outftit!!! so cute!

  20. Soo cute, I love the socks with those shoes! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo


  21. I found you on Teen Vogue! This outfit is so gorgeous. I love your style!

    Your newest follower,


  22. I adore the heart cutout!!!

    Check out my blog? (:

  23. your outfit is sweetly feminine. i like the trademark lips as cursor. it seems like you have a fun job. :)

  24. i love this sweet look. your blog is awesome<3. following!!



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