Monday, January 2, 2012

Cat Eyed Grandma with Christmas Plaid

Hi all Beautiful People!

Huff, this post supposed to be written and posted weeks ago. I'm pretty busy here and there since I was applying myself to several companies after the vacation on early Dec. So, this post was put on pending for quite sometime. I regret it tho. Coz my blog, again, become inactive. :(

This outfit has been posted weeks ago on Chictopia, but never in my blog. Silly. But of all my busy-ness and excuses, I think I have some good news to announce: that I'm about to (finnaly..) enter the fashion realm. Thanks to my Wonderful God for that!! I've been inteviewed in three different fashion retail companies, and I think I'm gonna choose and say 'i do' to one them this week. Yes, 'I-do' coz just like marriage I'm going to commit myself wholy to this next company I will working for. :) Guess I can build up a career in this field of my passion, that is fashion.

Oh, I almost forgot! HAPPY INCREDIBLE NEW YEAR, ya'll!!! :D This year's resolution is that I can save up some money for larger adult purposes.. Such I wanna have my own small house or apartment of my own, things like that.Or just you know, just in case I'm going to marry the next five years.. :p

And, last but not least, here's some photos of my last vacation that I promised to share to you on last post. ;)

Me and some new friends were riding those big scary coaster. It was a heart pumping!!

Got this quick snapshot of cute doll face girl with amazingly cute outfit head to toe!

But, after all.. It was still my country that captures my heart the most. This are Bali, a week before Korea Trip on last November. Here I presents you the unrated version, which means each of 'em were not edited. :) Thus, so sorry for the lack of images quality.

He was the reason I came to Bali. I was succeeded to stand at the front gate, I enjoy his music (and face) very much that night.

For this trip, I traveled alone. I stayed at my Aunt house and rent a car to go here and there.
It was my first time to ever travel by myself, yet it really wasn't so bad being alone in such heavenly beach.

The Sun was too hot so the workerman needed to improvise a bit. :)

It was only me and him who enjoing the sea. :)

Made the tee for the concert. :p

Hope the pics inspire you much for your next vacation with your loved ones, or like me, by yourself. ;) I recommend you my beautiful country, as there are zillion of more beautiful beaches here which I'm myself  haven't been explored yet. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!


  1. Congrats for your interview :D
    Lovely pics! Happy new yearrr xx

  2. hei, you are very talented in art :D

  3. Thanks for sweet comment dear :D
    I really inspired by u, so I put your blog at my blogroll :D xx

  4. Lovely photos! The outfit in the first few photos is cute too :)

  5. in love with the dress >.<
    Happy New year darling


  6. long time haven't check our outfit post :D
    looks stylish as always ! <3

    Journal J

  7. wow! you look beautiful!


  8. cool post!

  9. you look so cute with that kind of hairstyle.
    hopefully you can share how to set up hair like yours in the next post :D

    Neon Attract


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