Monday, October 3, 2011

Take Me Back to Avalon

Gifted retro hat - Gaudi mustard sweater-dress - Le' Dollies black and white shirt - El'Belle Shop vintage  satchel - June+Julia ruby short wedges

Ola, people!! I'm so glad I can finally post again!

How's your first days in October? Mine was super great! I finally finished my study, exactly on the first of October. :) Then yesterday was the first lazy day for me, which also happened to inspiring me somehow. Not to be lazy-er today, but to playing dressed up  instead.

 Last night I watched this 60's black and white movie and totally inspired by the clothes of the female actress on the movie since I just got similar hat wore on the movie.My mom was just go back from Bangkok last week, and she bought me this cute retro hat. I love it so much. I think I need to plan to go shopping there again sometime soon. :p

So, since I don't specifically have anything to do this afternoon, so I did drive someplace near my house to do an outfit photos. Unfortunatelly, there is no train station nearby just like I pictured in my head to do this outfit photos. But it turned out pretty fine I guess. And on the way home until right now I'm writing this post, the song 'Avalon' by Coco D'or is just keep shufflin in my head and in my iTunes. :D

Just hope you like it!

And again, I couldn't thank you enough for each sweet comments and support to this little blog. Smooches to you guys!! :D

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!


  1. oi putt.. pa kabar.. skrg gawe dmana lo?

  2. Waaa, Nick! Thanks for dropping by!! :)) I just finished my defense last Saturday. I'm completely free and completely jobless.. :p Yet I'm pretty busy here and there.. How are you???

  3. Ooo.. baru kelar put?? yuppskrg lg ngejob sendiri put.. ohooho lo di indo kan y?

  4. I love the style, Lisabeth~! Seriously. Adorable. I could never pull off 60s style, so I envy those who do it and do it well!

    You're so.freakin'.adorable.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  5. you have all the 60's elements from the hat to the bag. cute ensemble.

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  6. Hey, Elisabeth! This look is really classy. I love the colours and the architecture, and everything being hold in one key. Loving bright Autumn looks.


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  9. Liz you look perfect, this is totally a new favorite!

  10. Really nice outfit.


  11. WOW. Perfect outfit! That hat is adorable:D

  12. pretty ! Love the looks!
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Tanks for all of your lovely comments, dolls. You have brighten my day! I will def show some love by visiting each one of you. Tanks again love! :)