Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's Call Out Plan B

Flowery Light Pink Top and Pleated Teal Pants by PickMe Shop (http://facebook.com/shopat.pickme) - Charles & Keith quilted purse - June+Julia orange shoes - Accessories by my shop (http://facebook.com/dr.rings)

Holaaaaa!! It's soooooo good to be back!!! :D

How are you beautiful people?? I've mentioned on my Chictopia post that every hard-workers deserve a blast this weekend. :))

Well, so I wore this outfit couples of days ago. There's no story this time, I'm just went out. It was humid in here, so sleveless top was the best choice for that day. The top was sweet both in color and its details. At the front it's just like a 3D roses top, and at the back it's not overloaded with roses, rather it's just a sweet see-through chiffon. I love pleated, so I paired it with my teal pleated pants I just bought week earlier. They secretly made my hips bigger so I'm not so skinny (well now it's not a secret anymore :p). The shoes, I was wearing one of my fave June+Julia's. And I've found this background- you've probably seen it on previous post, that practicaly matching with my outfit: a combination between green, pink, and yellow. The site was amazing, and the flowers just all blossomy. Hope you enjoy the view like I did on the pic below. :))

Aaaand, I owe the world the each sweet comments of yours on my previous posts. Last month I'm sorry I just had not have the time to check each links you all gave me. But, since I'm done with my thesis, and also I'm no longer working on my last company, I promise to visit the links soon! It's really a happiness for me to know there's someone (better, even more) who supports my blog! The least I can do is doing the same. :))

Also, I couldn't be more happier to have new badges to be put on my blog, as I have couple of AMAZING shop you guys should click and see. They're definitely 'my style', and that's why I'm so happy that they provides special discount for their items for you guys my precious readers!! Make sure you click on them! ;)

A bit unimportant intermezo, I lose my job this week, but I couldn't be any happier. I don't know why. But I'm soooooo thankful for my current predicament. :) Guess it's time for plan B: my head's full with 'business' and 'enterpreneur' since last month anyway. One thing for sure, it's gotta be in fashion label. ;)) But, let me surprise you another time. For now I'll just end this up with a great quote from my fave TV series I watched earlier today:

"In the end, everything's gonna be alright. If it's not alright, then it's not the end." -Bill (Giuliana & Bill)

Make sure ya'll have a blast this week, and..

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!!


  1. you look soo amazing the pants are hot!La Folie 

  2. wow!!!!!i am in love with your outfit!!!

  3. i love your pants so much :D

  4. You look gorgeous!!! Things happend for a reason!!!

  5. this is so cute, i love the illustrations in your blog--really cute! I've definetly seen the one in your header before, i'm assuming its a Garance Dore? I adore her work!
    (L'Muse Therapy)

  6. gorgeous pants! wish they shipped here :)


  7. Lovely look. The colors are look so great combined together. Especially liking the style of those pleated pants. They're gorgeous.

  8. Ah!so pretty.love the colours..adore ur skirt.perfect!:-)

  9. glad to see another post of yours! <3
    lovely! great post dear :)


  10. Fabulous outfit!! Love everything about it!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  11. loovee all the pieces from top to toe :) great combination and you look so pretty <3

    Journal J

  12. this is such an amazing color combination! and the pleats are so gorgeous!

    dash dot dotty

  13. Hi darling! I adore your style! These pics are really cool! I'm following you! Hope you can also follow my blog!

  14. Always wondered how those shoes looked on... they're gorgeous!.. not overly chunky as i had imagined... love them~

    allloveus.com x


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