Monday, April 25, 2011

In The Jungle, The Ethnic Jungle

Hi beautiful readers!! First thing, I know it's late but, HAPPY EASTER!! :D May God bless us even more..

During this photo uploading, I just can't stop humming the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. And there goes the title of this post. Soo, I just walk around with my dog the other day, and found this beautiful spot behind the Sport Club near my house. So the next day I just took a couples of shoots there. Oh, I should mention you about the bag. I got them on my last family holiday trip, and they're actually a hand-knitted bag made from tuber's root. Unfortunately, I forgot the exact kind of tuber it made of. I haven't wear it a lot since I bought it. But I think it's just a perfect match with such tropical background I had. :)

This time, i wore all thrifted items, since I just went out hunting on one thrift market in my area last week. I got in total 11 pieces of clothing with just a hundred IDR (or same as US$10). Most of them are in great condition, and I just can't wait to style them in outfit photos. :D

Well then, I hope you like it. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!


  1. Oh I adore that vest. It reminds me of something that I have but I bought it a long time ago and its super big on me now....But yay I'm glad you went thrift shopping. I actually enjoying buy certain thrift items. I just did a haul post and it included some thrift items.

  2. Really very cute. I love the colour palette.

  3. Hi dear! Gorgeous skirt!
    I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  4. Love your outfit!
    Btw, I've awarded your blog with an award :)
    Check it out here: http://tamworddict.blogspot.com/2011/04/one-lovely-blog-award.html


  5. Looovely outfit!!:D Totally like the skirt!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  6. You skirt is so beautiful! I love everything about this my dear :)

  7. Your blog is so cute! I was trying to put my drawings on the page and the header but I didn't know how :(

  8. Gorgeouss that skirt! So chic.


  9. a beautiful photography and the maxi skirt suits u very well..

  10. You're my new inspiration for dressing in warm, humid places... and so frakking arty and eclectic in the way I want to dress.

    (I'm moving to Hawaii next year. So you are perfect as a muse!)

    I totally am reading you from here on out! Found you through my Blogger BFF Monochroma-chic. Hope we can be friends, too. Yeay for Southeast Asia (I'm Filipina--in the states, though)!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  11. love the outfit and the background is so beautiful. you look great :)

    follow each other?


  12. I love your style and your blog is amazing!


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