Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and Award

It's been two days since the brithday of Jesus Christ, but it's never too late to wishing all of you a Happy Christmas and Happy Holiday!!

My pray is that you may have the gladness of Christmas which is HOPE, the spirit of Christmas which is PEACE, and the heart of Christmas which is LOVE. Also, may HIS bless come upon you even more throughout the new year we're heading.. :)

Also, another main reason of this post is to thank my beautiful lovely super stylish blogger friend, Freesia, who gave me this stylish blogger award. An award known by fashion blogger to give appreciation and support to their various style around the world. This I think really connects us together! :D

So I really really thank lovely Frees (Monica) for the award.. <3 you guys HAVE TO, I repeat, HAVE TO check her blog definitely!!!! She's a creative Illustrator and have the super chic vintage style on earth! I love her idea to recycle her mom's closet and put it together into a perfect mix of trés chic vintage style! What's more great about her is that she's a very very lovely friend in spite all her talents. Great personality and great style.

Now there are rules to accept the award, which are:
1. thank the person who gave you the award [BIG TANKS to you Monica!!!! ;D)
2. tell 7 self-facts
3. give the appreciation and award to 7 adorable bloggers, and let them know of their given award

And so my-self-seven-facts are...
1. I'm a completely 'forgetful-grandma' type, so I make use of my daily planner and Blackberry task most of the time.

2. My fave hang out place in school was the art room. I fell in love with art since elementary school and made a good friend with all my art teachers.

3. I had a four years classic piano-course, but I still play terribly! :(

4. I looove fiction movies, in fact, all movies. I'm a movies freak and spend every weekend in theater with my friend or boyfriend.

5. I've been with my boyfriend for 45 months.

6. I've been a pescetarian for 2 years, and still will be.

7. (this might be shocking to you..) I never weight more than 40 kgs (88 lbs) since my birth until now. I have this light-weight bones hereditary from my mom, that she, all her sisters, and my grandma only weight 35 kgs (77 lbs) when they married and only gain 10 kgs when they were pregnant. But I'm completely healthy tho! :p

And finnaly the award goes to.............

chic girly timelessismore
vibed dominique
fabulous chahana
gorgeous shasha
superb ziortza
rocking oomph
amazing victoria

Until next post, toodle-doodles!


  1. thanks for your comment (=
    i always make my photos by myself
    and you (= ??
    wish you a great christmastime

  2. amazing photos! just found your blog :) following xx


  3. Thank you soooo much honey!!! That's so beautiful f rom you!!!

  4. thanks so much! i just "accepted"...check it out.


  5. Happy new yeaar!!!
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me.
    Thanks =)


Tanks for all of your lovely comments, dolls. You have brighten my day! I will def show some love by visiting each one of you. Tanks again love! :)